WRC Generations: Xbox update to fix steering wheel issues is available

Since its launch at the beginning of the month, WRC Generations has suffered from several problems. It’s especially with the steering wheels that it gets stuck and the studio is working hard to resolve the various glitches. The good news is that a new update is available now.

New update download now

This new update is available on Xbox and PC. This is on Xbox One update, while on Xbox Series X|S it is As mentioned above, this update focuses mainly on the recognition and force feedback problems of certain shuttlecocks.

Update details

Fixes on PC:

  • Fixed a random crash with some Thrustmaster peripherals
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from seeing specific Career screens on an Nvidia 4090 map
  • Fixed a crash when DLSS FG was enabled without DLSS SR on launch.
  • Fixed a crash after the tutorial when the player nickname used a specific font in the Drivercard

Note : There are still FFB issues with Logitech racing wheels, this should be fixed by a future Logitech G HUB update.

Fixes for Xbox consoles:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Fanatec base to not recognize any steering wheel.
  • Fixed FFB issues on the following racing wheels: Thrustmaster TX, TMX, TS-XW and Logitech G920.

More updates are coming

These fixes should greatly improve the gaming experience and the compatibility of different peripherals. Nevertheless, the studio ensures that there is still work to be done and gives the list of points which will be corrected soon.

Issues fixed in the next update:

  • The accelerator is only effective when depressed at least 95%.
  • In clubs, you can use your own liveries in realistic rallies, which creates potential problems.
  • In Leagues, the wrong groups may be displayed in some Leagues.
  • An invisible obstacle appears during the SSS Marmaris of Turkey Rally. The stage has been temporarily disabled in competitive modes and will be re-enabled when the issue is resolved in a future patch.
  • Wet tires do not show as significant an improvement as they should over soft tires.
  • In Leagues and Clubs, the configuration of the car and the choice of tires are only taken into account in the first special stage of a rally, and not in the following stages.
  • There are sound issues with the Audi Quattro 1 and Skoda Fabia Rally2.
  • Added tooltips explaining each car setup option
  • Added understandable information about content involving DLC ​​(Liveries using DLC ​​stickers, Liveries using DLC ​​cars, Stickers using DLC ​​stickers…)
  • Some DLSS option dependencies are incorrect (PC)
  • An issue prevents users from creating a new team or registering a new livery when the system language is Japanese. (PlayStation)

Remember that WRC Genarations is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as well as on Nintendo, Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC. Our full game review is also available now.

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