WTF: Spied out: Not only the cat got a taste for this automatic feeder

A smart cat feeder with a built-in camera has developed a life of its own, which a 23-year-old from Gelsenkirchen was anything but happy with. as reported by the local police. The person concerned called the police after midnight on Saturday and filed “criminal charges for violating the confidentiality of the word”.

However, the ad was not directed at the house tiger, but at an unknown person who is said to have taken advantage of the clever feeding station. According to the woman, audio and video recordings from her apartment were lost and published on Instagram. Accordingly, the unknown suspect threatened the woman to put more recordings online. The police did not give any details, such as which device was involved in the incident.

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between there are always gems that are too good for /dev/null.

A camera built into the station was probably used as a means of committing the crime. So not only did the house cat use the station, but apparently someone else got a taste for it and used the WLAN connection of the device.

In this context, the police recommends protecting private WLAN networks from unauthorized access. The police also advise that devices that have WiFi access and a camera or microphone should not be used “in the visual and audible range if privacy is affected”.

Due to the increasing number of networked devices in smart homes, the Federal Office for Information Security only recently made it possible to apply for all IT security labels for all “smart consumer devices”. Security experts repeatedly warn that smart devices from certain manufacturers could pose security risks. Only in February of this year did it become known that it would have been possible to tap into the video stream of two Nooie baby monitors due to security gaps.

The current example shows that it’s not just the velvet paws who know how to use the smallest gap in the house to gain access.


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