WWE 2K22: WWE wrestler layoffs would hurt 2K’s DLC plans

As for the WWE 2K license, nothing has been spared at 2K. After the industrial disaster known as WWE 2K20, the US publisher had to contend with the development of its sequel during the COVID-19 pandemic while dealing with significant disagreements with WWE. And to complicate matters even more, the developers have to deal with unforeseen changes to the WWE roster.

2K has reportedly seen its plans for WWE 2K22 DLCs totally shaken by the many wrestler layoffs. WWE 2K22 Rumor Of The Day Comes Again From US Site Sports Games Online. According to SGO, at least two WWE 2K22 DLC packs have been canceled in the past four months.

According to the site’s sources, NXT Superstar Bronson Reed should have been the star of the first DLC pack. The wrestler having been fired on August 6, 2K was forced to change its plans.

These same sources also told him that at least six wrestlers licensed since August 6 were initially to be offered in WWE 2K22 as additional content. As a reminder, a source from the same SGO claimed last August that due to the many layoffs recently made by WWE, WWE 2K22 had left to have the “roster le most obsolete in the history of the series. “

Le roster de WWE 2K22 future endeavored

Since then, the American publisher and his studio Visual Concepts have struggled to find a suitable DLC program. According to a rumor heard by SGO, it is possible that they have ditched the traditional DLC system. Instead, the game would take the game-service path with regular updates to the WWE 2K22 roster.

According to this rumor, 2K would therefore offer new wrestlers for free once the development of these last loans. Such a system would allow the game to earn points from fans of WWE games. It would also be used to make roster adjustments during the “season.” As always, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

That being said, these rumors do not seem improbable a priori. Indeed, 2K declared in June 2020 that it was considering adopting the game-service model for WWE 2K22. Patrick Gilmore, executive producer of the series, said at the time that a game-service with constant updates did “part of the long-term vision of the series.”

Finally, remember that WWE 2K22 was recently postponed to March 2022. To date, the platforms that will receive the game have not yet been communicated.

How do you view this new WWE 2K22 DLC rumor? How can 2K cope with these repeated layoffs from the WWE side? Do you think making WWE 2K22 a service game a good solution? Tell us all in the comments below.

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