Xbox achieves another big week of sales in Japan

This was the case in May, then two weeks ago, but even if Xbox does not sell more consoles than PlayStation this week, the brand is still having a big week of sales for its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X back in stock, Series S still popular in Japan

As usual, we base ourselves on the sales figures published by Famitsu to notice this. The Nintendo Switch continues to sell like hot cakes and the Xbox Series X is moving ahead of its little sister, certainly thanks to a sufficient return of stock.

Remember here that the shortage of components continues to confuse the issue and that we must remain cautious when looking at the ranking of the best-selling consoles. Sony still can’t produce enough PS5s to keep up, which obviously benefits Microsoft’s Xbox Series. We repeat, it is often the one who excels the most in the entire supply chain who stands out in this type of case.

This week, cumulative sales of Xbox Series X|S reached 8,915 units, 25% more than last week. PS5 sales are also up significantly with 9,181 units sold in total, almost three times more than last week.

Ranking of the best-selling consoles in Japan last week

  • Nintendo Switch OLED: 28,267 units
  • Nintendo Switch: 19,089 units
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 9,193 units
  • PS5: 7,257 units
  • Xbox Series X : 4,881 units
  • Xbox Series S : 4,034 units
  • PS5 Digital Edition: 1,924 units
  • PS4: 17 units
  • New Nintendo 2DS LL: 141 units

Cumulatively, Sony has sold over 1.7 million PS5s in Japan compared to 247,974 Xbox Series consoles for Microsoft.

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