Xbox: Batteries or rechargeable batteries, which is the best option for the controller?

There is no debate, with the permission of the fans of the Play. The most comfortable control to play is the Xbox. It was when we had the Xbox One, it is now with the Xbox Series X and S of the current generation. But there is no perfect video game console, much less a controller.

Control of the company microsoft it is comfortable, ergonomic, simple, ideal for hands of any size. But it has a huge problem: Although it is wireless, it does not have an internal battery, but instead comes with a pair of AA batteries.

A huge thumbs down goes to Xbox for this aspect, as gamers may be forced to forever buy AA batteries to replace those that run out.

The company did this on purpose to launch the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cablewhich is effectively the stack that should include the control, but it is sold separately. It’s not that expensive, overall it’s just over $30, but it’s a bit annoying having to buy it separately.

Batteries or rechargeable batteries?

Among the rechargeable batteries, Without a doubt, the Xbox one seems to be the most comfortable and safest option.. It is installed in the control, is loaded with the cable and ready. But there are other options for charging the controller.

Batteries or rechargeable batteries are two good options, there is not much difference except in the way they are charged. The batteries, in addition to the company’s, are charged directly from the control or from an adapter, the latter being the way in which the batteries are charged. It will depend on the comfort of the player which method to choose.

What we should recommend is stop using conventional alkaline type batteries, especially for an ecological issue. When exhausted, these batteries are simply discarded and are very polluting.

Generic image of the EBL battery charger

The rechargeable ones have a greater durability and can be reused for several years. hard zonefor example, recommends the EBL charger, which comes in a kit with eight AA batteries and costs just over $30, about the same price as the Xbox rechargeable battery.

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