Xbox Doesn’t Match PlayStation Exclusives Recognizes Xbox Game Studios Boss

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the main strengths of PlayStation consoles is the number and quality of its AAA exclusives. On the Xbox side, this strength of the direct competitor is obviously recognized. The American giant continues to affirm that it would like to offer its players experiences of an equivalent quality.

Microsoft would like to offer more AAA exclusives on Xbox worthy of those for which PlayStation is famous. In any case, this is what Matt Booty, the boss of Xbox Game Studios, recently said. Asked by Kinda Funny Games, Matt Booty spoke about exclusive blockbusters.

According to him, it’s a good thing Xbox Game Pass offers experiences ranging from the small game to Halo. He concedes, however, that Xbox needs more AAA experiences. And he does not hesitate to cite as an example the work done by Sony at this level:

I take my hat off to Sony, their studio system and the leaders they have there. What they are doing is fantastic. It’s impossible to argue about the quality and craftsmanship of the games they’ve released, the games they’re currently working on, and the stuff we’ve seen so far. They therefore receive my congratulations.

In my opinion, it is not so much a question of proposing “a game like that“but to make sure that we pay attention to the expectations of the fans. I think there is a certain type of game that generates a lot of anticipation and the release of which becomes a defining moment. A type of game that anyone can play. and at the same time offers a huge world that you feel you can inhabit, and I think that kind of game is important.

We have clearly not been at the forefront in this area. We haven’t really been on par with Sony at this level. But I don’t necessarily want to get into the “what is our Uncharted? Our Horizon Zero Dawn? What is our this? What is our that?“I don’t think this does anyone a favor.

Xbox doesn’t want to be a copy of PlayStation

Matt Booty therefore claims that Xbox is not looking to have copies of PlayStation exclusives. However, he indicates that they want games of a similar scale. :

Which games have a universal theme? What are the titles that have big worlds that people want to get lost in? The games that have strong characters and a very high level of production? This is absolutely what we want to do.

The boss of Xbox Game Studios recalls that Phil Spencer recently said that Xbox is not going to be satisfied with its current situation. According to him, Xbox is growing. And that’s going to have an impact on his gaming production, according to Matt Booty:

We, as studios, are going to have to grow at the same time. And making sure we’re going to bring these kinds of games to our fans is important to us.

Matt Booty therefore points out that Xbox gamers can expect more AAA blockbusters in the years to come. The sensibilities of PlayStation and Xbox studios are not the same, however.

It is for this reason that it would be surprising if Xbox Game Studios suddenly started offering experiences similar to those offered by Sony. Either way, Xbox fans certainly won’t be spitting on an increased supply in wholesale AAA-type games.

What do you think of these statements from Matt Booty? Do they reassure you? Do you think that, contrary to what he says, Xbox Game Studios should try to make titles similar to those offered on PlayStation? What games do you think are missing on Xbox? Tell us all in the comments below.

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