Xbox Game Pass beta app lets you play all games on mobile by touch

Microsoft is constantly developing the possibilities offered by its ecosystem, particularly in terms of Cloud Gaming and games via mobile devices. Recently, Brazilian gamers made a very interesting discovery on the Xbox Game Pass beta app.

Playing Xbox games on mobiles with touch controls is possible

Indeed, many users have discovered that it is possible to play Xbox games present on the Xbox Game Pass beta application with touch controls recently. It was a Brazilian user named Pastor Xbox who shared the information on Twitter by sharing two concrete examples on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Deathloop.

Currently, only a few games are officially playable with enhanced touch controls, but through the Xbox Game Pass beta app, it’s possible to play all titles properly through your phone. We tried on our side and the feature is also available in France.

Pastor Xbox specifies in his essay that his internet connection is not optimal, hence the significant slowdowns observed in the extracts. However, the fluidity of Xbox Cloud Gaming remains limited even with a decent connection. This discovery is nonetheless very interesting.

“Bombshell 💣 New Xbox Game Pass BETA app update lets you play with touchscreen controls in ALL GAMES 😎.

Total Madness 😎”

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