Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft is testing new family membership

Microsoft has started testing for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate family membership.

This allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to share their membership with others.

First test run

First of all, users in Ireland and Colombia have the opportunity to use this option to test.

The new system allows up to four people to be added to the subscription, giving each individual access to Game Pass games, content and benefits.

Currently, each user must live in the same country as the person adding them to their subscription. It is unclear whether this would also be the case later.

It would also increase the price of membership. Not surprisingly, Nintendo Switch Online family memberships are also more expensive.

So a full month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, when converted, would result in 18 days of family membership. Converted to dollar prices, that would be around $25 instead of $15 per month for Game Pass Ultimate.

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