Xbox Game Pass: More games coming September 2022

Microsoft has more game supplies for the Xbox Game Pass announced. In the second half of the month, several titles will be added to the catalogue, which you can gamble with as a member. All in all ten games are playable on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC or via the cloud in the coming days. We have summarized the list of all new additions for you here!

Deathloop also available for Xbox

For over a year, Xbox Series X/S players had to wait for the release of deathloop waiting. Now the shooter from Arkane Studios is available in Xbox Game Pass starting today, on all platforms. Other highlights in September are Slime Rancher 2which will soon be available as a game preview, as well as the official release of grounded, which is now out of Early Access. Who ever Valheim wanted to try, can also do that soon.

Xbox Game Pass / New Arrivals in September 2022

  • September 20th – Deathloop / Xbox Series X/S, PC and Cloud
  • September 20 – Hardspace: Shipbreaker / Xbox Series X/S and Cloud
  • 22 September – SpiderHeck / Console and PC
  • 22 September – Beacon Pines / Console, PC and Cloud
  • September 22 – Slime Rancher 2 / Xbox Series X/S, PC and Cloud
  • September 27 – Moonscars / Console, PC and Cloud
  • September 27 – Grounded / Console, PC and Cloud
  • September 29 – Let’s Build A Zoo / Console, PC and Cloud
  • 29 September – Valheim/PC
  • September 30 – PAW Patrol Grand Prix / Console, PC and Cloud

Xbox Game Pass / Departures on September 30th

  • AI: The Somnium Files / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Astria Ascending / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Dandy Ace / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Dirt 4 / PC
  • Dirt Rally / PC
  • Going Under / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Lemnis Gate / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Slime Rancher / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Subnautica: Below Zero / Console, PC and Cloud
  • The Procession of Calvary / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Unsighted / Console, PC and Cloud
  • Visage / Console, PC and Cloud

Gamble FIFA 23 before release

Microsoft also notes that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers with access to EA Play will be eligible before the official launch of FIFA 23 on September 30, 2022 can take a look at the football simulation. Thanks to the membership, the game will be available for a full ten hours from September 27th.

Source: Microsoft

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