Xbox Game Pass quests: the guide for the week of September 19 with 70 points to win!

The new weekly quests for the month of September are available; enough to stock up on points for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Remember that Microsoft has lowered the number of points for certain quests. For example, daily quests now only award 3 points instead of 5.

This week, there are only 70 points up for grabs.

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Here are the weekly quests from September 20 to 27

Trace your path to success (+10 points)

To complete this quest, you have two options: unlock three achievements or play three different games from the Game Pass. We recommend the second method, much faster to perform, remember to keep these games installed, they will be used again if the quest comes up again.

Complete 3 daily quests (+10 points)

The description speaks for itself, complete three daily quests within a week to complete it.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition (+25 points)

To complete this quest reserved for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, you just have to play the game. You can do it quickly via the Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Escape Academy (+25 points)

Here too, you just have to play the game to complete the quest.

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