Xbox increasingly interested in Japanese games: Phil Spencer’s promises

In recent years, Phil Spencer has been working hard to reestablish stable contact between Xbox and Japanese development companies. The results are now coming, as the arrivals of, for example, show Persona on Xbox Game Passand the launch on day one in Team Ninja’s Wo Long Fallen Dynasty service catalog.

According to what was recently declared by Phil Spencer himself and Sarah Bond of Microsoft, Xbox won’t stop there and will continue to welcome an ever-increasing number of Japanese games.

In a recent interview with during the Tokyo Game Show 2022, Bond stated that over 150 original Japanese games have already been launched on Xbox Series X | S and that there are “more and more“which will be launched at some point in the future.

Spencer revealed something more, stating to Game Watch microphones that Xbox isworking on the creation of such titles for his audience is that “many other game makers” they will be releasing their titles on Xbox in the near future.

“We understand that many fans want this”Spencer said. “We are also aware of the common desire for games from Japan. We are working to create titles of this type, so stay tuned.

Microsoft continues to row towards the East and does so also by making an agreement with Hideo Kojima, with the author of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding who, as you know, is working on a new project in collaboration with Xbox.

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