Xbox is reportedly working on a dynamic wallpaper editor

The possibility of customizing the interface of its console is often very appreciated by the players. Over the generations, we have been treated to several customization options, and Microsoft is now visibly preparing to extend support for dynamic wallpapers.

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Soon a dynamic wallpaper editor?

It is via Aggiornamenti Lumia that we discover that Xbox was indeed working on a dynamic wallpaper editor. A short video shows the different options that this editor should offer, including the ability to add effects and other fun things like that.

The editor would use the codes of video editing software with a timeline to define the duration and character of the animations. There are up to 8 tracks available.

We hope that this editor will make it possible to create more dynamic backgrounds than those offered by Microsoft which are, it must be said, quite poor in animations. Reviewing the interface in order to be able to take more advantage of the wallpaper would not be a refusal either. The current “dashboard” is aging and deserves a major facelift.

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