Xbox: Microsoft confirms the shortage of controllers

Another shortage that affects consoles, this time it concerns Xbox wireless controllers, the peripherals seem to be particularly rare in Europe.

Obviously Microsoft is experiencing a head-on shortage of Xbox controllers. In the United Kingdom for example, there are currently no controllers in stock of any color whatsoever, at the main retailers (GAME, Smyths, etc) and even on the Official Microsoft Store.

The situation seems to be similar in many regions and not just in Europe, as confirmed by forum users will reset discussing their difficulty finding controllers. This concerns various countries including Australia, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Microsoft confirms Xbox controller breaks

As reported videogameschronicleMicrosoft officially confirms the shortage:

We know it can be difficult to find Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply disruptions.

We are working as quickly as possible with our manufacturing and retail partners to improve this. Please check availability with your local retailers.

The global chip shortage is one thing, but this time even peripherals seem to be affected. For the moment this does not seem to affect the USA since it always seems possible to obtain a controller via the Official Store.

In Europe, one of the few ways to find one is to go through the XboxDesignlab since the site indicates a delivery within 28 days.

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