Xbox, Mojang and Elgiganten give you Minecoins for old electronics

Most of us have old electronics lying around the house that are no longer used. In the best case, they are recycled by responsible owners, but unfortunately they often just litter around in some box or thrown in the garbage.

Swedish The electric giant have now advertised a new campaign called Urban Miner along with Xbox and Mojang to get people recycling more. The idea is that you hand over your old electronics to the Elgiganten, who then gives you Minecoins as a reward, which can be spent on the Minecraft Marketplace.

The idea behind all this is explained on the website linked above:

“We can’t continue to exploit nature for new minerals, we have to start recycling and reusing materials we already have. In the Nordics, many of us have several old gadgets lying around. These old electronics are a gold mine when recycled properly. Electronic products contain environmental toxins which require special handling and Elgiganten must ensure that all products we sell are collected and recycled.

The electricity giant collects more than 30,000 tonnes of electronic waste from customers. The waste is collected by local recycling partners, managed properly and reintroduced into the circular economy.”

A good idea that we hope will appear in other countries eventually.

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