Xbox, Phil Spencer reiterates: the future of gaming is in accessibility

In addition to promising that Xbox will increasingly focus on Japanese games, Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond they talked more generally about gaming, and how the video game industry can evolve in the coming years to expand further and at the same time increasingly meet the needs of users.

In the course of an interview with IGN Japan, Spencer and Bond pointed out how important it is today to remove barriers that still persist in the gaming world, so as to make products increasingly accessible and the community of players more united.

“We know that three billion people play video gamesbut they can’t all do it together today, right? “Bond began. “There are all these barriers between platforms for various reasons and a lot of what we do on Xbox is about wanting to eliminate them. We want everyone to be able to play together globally, regardless of the type of hardware they are on, and be able to communicate and do these things along with instant translation. Break down all these barriers, regardless of your abilities. [Il gaming] it is not something for a group of people. This will unlock extraordinary experiences and create relationships that we otherwise would not have “.

Words echoed by those of Spencer, who specified that the removal of these barriers could to elevate the medium and its social role: “Something the planet badly needs today is for people with different perspectives to spend more time together and listen to each other. And I want video games to be a fertile environment for that. interactive entertainment is so well suited to driving connections among the people; we have seen this over the years and I want video games to continue on this path of connecting between creator and player and back again and again. I really think it’s a great future for us “.

Recently, Phil Spencer also revealed that he plans to produce more sustainable models of the Xbox Series X, in order to reduce the power consumption of the Microsoft console.

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