Xbox says more original Japanese games are coming to its consoles

Although Sony is in a dominant position in the Japanese games market with its PlayStation brand, Microsoft still aims to make an important place in this sector. His latest actions tend in any case to demonstrate that the Redmond firm has no intention of dropping the case, quite the contrary.

Xbox gamers can have a smile

It is by participating in a Live Stream organized by IGN during the Tokyo Game Show 2022 that Sarah Bond, vice-president of Microsoft in charge of the ecosystem of games on Xbox, was asked if Xbox players could expect to discover more Japanese apps produced by the American giant, as was the case with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on Xbox 360 several years ago. To which the leader replied in the affirmative:

Absolutely. One of the things that excites me the most is that we have over 250 developers in Japan developing games for Xbox right now. 150 have already shipped, 100 are in Game Pass, and we recently announced 15 titles produced in Asia and 13 in Japan.

There are so many things that have happened, but there are even more to come in the future and I can’t wait to reveal them to you all as they start to happen.

You have seen it yourself in recent days, this battle plan is already well underway, and it is not Phill Spencer who will complain about it, the big boss of Xbox having recently granted an interview to our colleagues of GameWatch in which he discussed the ambitions of the company while returning to the partnership with Hideo Kojima and the original Japanese games coming to Xbox.

It’s not too much to hope for. We just caught up with Kojima-san from Kojima Productions and many other game creators to discuss bringing unique titles to Xbox.

We understand that many gaming fans want this. We are also aware of the common desire for Japanese games. We are working on creating such titles, so look forward to them.

Undoubtedly, Hideo Kojima appears to be a strong ally in this quest for satisfaction in order to meet the demand of players while strengthening the relationship with them, as Spencer himself admitted at Famitsu this Saturday, September 17.

I have many acquaintances and friends who make games in Japan. We’ve known many of them for a long time, and we asked them, “What do you need for our platform?” “.

We listened to Japanese game creators and received feedback. I think the fact that we were able to improve created confidence, which led to the release of games on Xbox. I think this feedback loop will lead to a lot more Japanese games in the future, and I’m happy with this trend.

Kojima-san and I have known each other for many years, he has innovative ideas about gaming experiences, and we decided to partner with him because we want to bring them to life on our platform.

I visited Kojima Productions today and had the opportunity to see the early stages of the project, which was very exciting.

Today more than ever, Xbox is giving itself the means to fulfill its ambitions.

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