Xbox Series S gets a little better at running games

Microsoft has updated the Xbox Series S developer tools so studios can further optimize their video games. Great news for console owners.

Microsoft has decided to launch not one but two consoles in 2020: the ultra-powerful Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, whose technical profile is more modest. Both machines run exactly the same catalog, but the more accessible of the two compromises on graphic quality, performance and certain features. She doesn’t have a disk drive, for example.

However, the console still benefits from the attention of its designer. As indicated The Verge in an article published on August 4, the Xbox Series S will receive a small boost from Microsoft.

Concretely, the Redmond company is updating the development kit so that studios can have access to a little more RAM. ” Memory allocation on Xbox Series S has been optimized “, can we hear in this video of presentation. In theory, this development should leave a little more leeway to developers, who will be less constrained when they bring their projects to the less powerful Xbox consoles.

The Xbox Series X when it’s lying down. // Source: Maxime Claudel for Numerama

A small power boost for the Xbox Series S

One hundred megabytes of additional memory is now available to developers on Xbox Series S. This gives them more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance under very memory-constrained conditions. “says Microsoft. The Xbox Series S relies on 10 GB of RAM, knowing that 2 are allocated for the operating system. The multinational has no doubt found a way to mitigate this ” loss of 2 GB so that developers are less limited. For comparison, the Xbox Series X climbs to 16 GB.

On paper, the Xbox Series S can deliver graphics at 1440p and up to 120 frames per second. Except that the reality gives less rewarding results, with games rather displayed in 1080p and a lower refresh rate.

Attention ! This development will not radically change the performance of the Xbox Series S, which remains a console graphically below the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. For less than 300 €, it still gives access to the latest generation with a mainstream approach (compact design, ease of use, etc.). With the Xbox Game Pass subscription, they are an excellent duo for less demanding gamers.

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