Xbox Series X and S are strong in Japan: over 100,000 consoles sold

Despite all the difficulties represented by the distrust of the Japanese videogame market for Microsoft consoles, the Redmond house reaches a small but important milestone with the overcoming of the psychological threshold of 100,000 Xbox Series X and Series S sold in Japan.

In providing us with all the information of the case, the analyst BenjiSales points out how the Xbox Team is managing to carve out an increasingly large space in the Rising Sun thanks to the Xbox Series X / S family of consoles.

As rightly pointed out by BenjiSales, in fact, in the past generation the American technological giant was able to reach the goal of 100,000 consoles sold only after more than four years from the release of Xbox One, hence the importance of this goal just crossed.

Already in June of this year, on the other hand, the journalists of highlighted the interest of the Japanese public towards the green-crossed platforms and indicated Japan as one of the fastest growing markets for the Xbox brand.

Returning to the considerations of BenjiSales, the analyst believes that for Microsoft the commercial success of the Xbox Series X / S should be viewed with great interest as a function of the growth of the Xbox brand in Asian countries and, with it, the consequent increase in the number of subscribers. to Xbox Game Pass.

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