Xbox Series X/S: the new September update is available, here’s what it brings

Available since November 2020, the Xbox Series X / S offers a new update for the month of September with a lot of improvements, corrections and customization of the new Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller. We’re taking a look at the new arrivals now!

A new interface on the way

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First, we learn that a new interface for the Xbox Series X/S will arrive by 2023. Currently in the test phase, this new interface should bring a lot of changes, the main objective of which is to offer a new update. up-to-date with a new design to freshen it up a bit, without straying too far from the original concept.

In addition to the new design, this new interface should allow players to have quick access to recently played games, or even quick access to settings, the store, search and “My games and applications”.

Internet is no longer required to play!

As we were able to announce to you this week, it is no longer mandatory to have an internet connection to play most of your Xbox games. Indeed, the firm has just updated its DRM (Digital Rights Management) system for video games on consoles and Windows PCs. Until now, DRM protection required systematically (or almost) verifying the authenticity of the game via the Internet (even physical games). This made it impossible to launch the game in question if the user was not logged in. This is now ancient history for physical games.

Game library update

game library update

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The game library on Xbox Series X/S is getting better. It’s now easier and faster to find all your games on your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Thanks to this new update, you have the “All games” tab, which allows you to display all the titles you own as well as those to which you have access via your subscriptions (Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, Games with Gold…).

Choice of downloads

Choice Xbox downloads

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It is now possible to choose where the games and other applications that you download will be installed. You can keep the default options, or optimize the use of your storage space and better manage your different installations. Go to the storage device settings and choose “Change install locations” if you have external hard drives or an expansion card.

Optimization of Chat groups

Xbox Chat Groups

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Chat groups are also improved with this new update. First, you can now “Start a party” in the Xbox app. This allows you to instantly join a game session with your friends. This practical feature will satisfy many players since now you no longer need to recreate a group from scratch each time you want to gather your friends.

For chats on Xbox One and PC (Windows 10/11), players now benefit from noise reduction. An option already available on Xbox Series X/S. If you’re using group chat, you’ll notice less clutter and less interruptions. Noise reduction helps remove sounds like your controller, breathing, or ambient sound from people you’re talking to.

Content sharing via Xbox Bar (PC)

Xbox Bar Share

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If you play your Xbox/Microsoft games on PC, you will finally be able to share screenshots via the famous Xbox Bar on PC (Windows 10/11). So Xbox Game Bar now lets you get a shareable link for any screenshot. Share these the way you want, via SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and more. If your settings are set to “Public”, anyone with your link will be able to see your shared images.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is available

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Customization

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The new Xbox Elite Series 2 core controller (in white) is now available for sale. Do not hesitate to discover our buying guide right here. Microsoft announces that with this new controller, you will be able to customize the Xbox logo via your console!

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