Xbox Series X|S and a special edition Sea of ​​Thieves controller concept

The entire Sea of ​​Thieves gaming community is excited to venture into the first-person action-adventure video game, Sea of ​​Thieves, so one artist has decided to fulfill a dream for all fans of Rare’s video game.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, with the arrival of this new video game, many will want to have a special edition control concept that allows us to get our hands on a control dedicated to Sea of ​​Thieves.

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The Xbox Series X|S and PC Gaming community of players has great affection for the special editions of consoles and controls that Microsoft launches, inspired by exclusive titles and some other theme that is touching the hearts of the most committed players.

This time we will tell you about a theme for your control, inspired by Sea of ​​Thieves. Best of all, after its arrival in the video game industry, many Xbox players will want to have a special edition control, which even Rare is taking a long time to release.

Heeding the prayers of the gaming community, the well-known Pope has released some special edition Xbox Series X|S controller concept art that will make you feel like playing pro.

Pope (@popeart_design on Instagram) is recognized for the quality of his controller and console designs, some of which are for sale, albeit at fairly high prices. For this reason, these Xbox Series X|S Sea of ​​Thieves special edition controllers could go on sale through some of the virtual means used by this designer to sell them.

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