Xbox’s Phil Spencer praises Sony: ‘He did a good job with PlayStation 5’

Before attending TGS 2022 to discuss, among other things, whether Xbox will continue acquisitions, Phil Spencer held an interview with CNN to illustrate Microsoft’s vision for Xbox platform development and, in doing so, has praised the work carried out by Sony with the PlayStation 5.

The top exponent of the Xbox division of the Redmond house focused on the work done by the competition and, in referring directly to the Japanese technological giant, he considered it appropriate to emphasize how Sony has done a good job with the PlayStation 5. When we look at the notoriety of the PlayStation brand and that community we can draw a great lesson, because it is only by focusing on your customers and doing a constant job of always surprising and delighting your users you can really build a loyal fan base. I see all of this on the PlayStation platforms. And I want the same thing on Xbox.

For Spencer, therefore, for the Xbox team the work done by Sony and its PlayStation division is a great source of inspiration, especially as regards the importance of launching first party titles on a regular basis: the Microsoft executive declares in this regard that “We have listened to the feedback from players and their criticisms are fair, they should hold us accountable for new games arriving on a regular basis and expect them to be fantastic. We take these criticisms seriously.

Recently, Phil Spencer also discussed the need to produce more sustainable models of the Xbox Series X / S for combat global warming and improve its energy efficiency.

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