Xenoblade Chronicles 3 breaks sales records in Japan and the UK, surpassing previous installments

It is a fact: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has surpassed Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in sales and has broken records in Japan and the United Kingdom After its exclusive launch for Switch last July 29.

According to a report from Nintenderos, the physical version of the video game reached 113,000 units sold in its first three days in the Japanese market. Figures for the digital version were not revealed, but the game was the most downloaded game for July, with pre-orders from 20 to 31.

In Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sold 97,000 units in its first three days in December 2017, while Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition sold 90,789 in May 2020.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Nintendo’s new title also outperformed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the rest of the franchise’s video games.

The story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

the plot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will revolve around courses, which are 10-year life cycles for each character.which will also give a lot of emotion to certain moments of the story.

Another important factor in the plot will be the conflict between Keves and Agnustwo regions that fight tirelessly for territorial control.

The video game will offer gamers the opportunity to control six different characters: Noah, Mio, Eunie, Lanz, Taion and Senawith the peculiarity that they belong to two different factions and that they are rivals.

Regarding the gameplay and the open world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it will include new time cycles, a fast travel function that will allow players to walk less to places already visited and a combat system similar to previous editions, but with improvements. in the roles and classes: attackers and healers.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available on the Nintendo eShop for $59,990 Chilean pesos. Also, the expansion pass is also listed on the store website for $29,990.

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