Xhaka return: Eberl is flirting back

At Borussia Mönchengladbach’s sports director Max Eberl, Granit Xhaka’s positive words about a possible return to the foals meet with open ears. “Granite had a great time here. We are very pleased that he has a very close relationship with the club and the region. We still have irregular contact. He has already hinted at this several times “said the manager at today’s press conference, “The connection between Granit and Borussia is still great.”

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Xhaka recently announced a return to Borussia after his contract with Arsenal FC in the summer of 2024: “Then I’ll be 32. And if Max Eberl is ready to take me back at 32, my door will be open too.” In 2016, the Swiss had left Gladbach after a total of 140 competitive games for 45 million euros in the direction of London.

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