Xiaoha Power Exchange and China Southern Power Co., Ltd. start in-depth cooperation to build two rounds of “new infrastructure” for people’s livelihood in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Recently, Harbin Travel’s brand Xiaoha Power Exchange and China Southern Power Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “South China Power Grid”) formally signed a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of two-round travel energy services in the city, based on the empowerment of AIoT, artificial intelligence and big data technology, to create an integrated two-round power exchange basic energy service network of “vehicles + electricity + cabinets”. By providing an overall urban two-wheel electric solution, we will further accelerate the value application of the “separation of vehicles and electricity, and replace the charging” model and the popularization of the city, helping to build a “new infrastructure” for the people’s livelihood of two-wheel electric vehicles.

It is reported that the first joint construction project has landed in Foshan in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In the follow-up, the two parties will start from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and gradually spread to the provinces and cities of southern China in order to provide safe, clean, smart, efficient and green two-wheel travel endurance services for the urban society.

(The promotion and application of the basic energy service network for the two-round replacement of electricity in Xiaoha’s “replacement of electricity”)

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is the first pilot to build an integrated two-round power exchange basic energy network of “vehicles + electricity + cabinets”

Nanwang Electric is a subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., which specializes in electric vehicle industry services. According to China Southern Grid Corporation’s plan to invest 25.1 billion yuan in the construction of charging facilities, China Southern Electric is committed to creating an excellent electric vehicle service operator, electric vehicle industry value integrator and green energy ecological service provider, based in the South, and providing charging and replacement to the whole country. Four major business sectors: R&D, manufacturing and sales of electrical equipment, investment and operation of charging stations, car sales and leasing, and construction of an ecological platform for the industrial chain. Up to now, the number of effective registered users of the company’s charging service platform has reached 1.672 million, with 398,000 connected charging piles.

Zou Dazhong, chairman of Nanwang Electric, said that under the national “dual-carbon” strategic goal and the background of domestic energy changes, companies have the responsibility and are actively exploring new business models in order to provide long-term value for smart city electric energy services. As a power grid company, CSG Electric has natural advantages in energy application and utilization efficiency improvement, while Xiaoha Power Exchange has long-term deep cultivation experience and comprehensive service strength in the two-wheel electric field. This time, China Southern Electric and Xiaoha Power Exchange will further invest in the two-wheel electric field. The integration of the four networks of “Networking” empowers the interconnection of urban travel energy, data and intelligence, and the construction of an ecological value chain.

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“National Team” blessing The layout of Xiaoha’s power exchange ecological layout adds new force

As a leading domestic two-wheeled power exchange service brand, Xiaoha Power Exchange was jointly funded by Harbin Travel, CATL and Ant Financial in June 2019, and is committed to building China’s largest basic energy service network for two-wheeled electric vehicles. As of the end of August this year, corporate services have covered more than 300 cities, and the country has operated two-wheeled electric bicycle batteries in excess of one million, and the number of battery changes per day has reached hundreds of thousands. With the comprehensive development of Xiaoha’s power replacement business, the number of cabinets, batteries and daily power replacements is still increasing. The rapid growth of Xiaoha Power Exchange has also received continuous capital support. In the past two years or more, Xiaoha Power Exchange has completed two consecutive rounds of financing.

Zhou Shufeng, President of Xiaoha Electric Power Exchange, said that the partnership with China Southern Electric will further integrate the resources of the two parties and complement each other on the basis of exploring joint construction model innovation. The construction of urban two-wheel electric vehicle charging and switching sites, power exchange hardware facilities and energy will be further integrated. Network operations, charging station operations, commercial development, and comprehensive utilization have been closely communicated and technologically promoted, and continued to improve the city’s two-round shared travel, community households, instant distribution and other multiple charging and replacement scenarios, with a view to expanding At the level, provide rich, flexible, safe and intelligent comprehensive technical product solutions for two rounds of electric new energy services in cities, accelerate the unification of new energy standards for two rounds of electric travel, and empower urban energy security governance, and jointly build urban people’s livelihood and two rounds of electricity exchange “New Infrastructure”.

About Xiaoha Battery Exchange

Xiaoha Power Exchange is a two-round power exchange business brand under Haro Travel, a leading professional mobile travel platform in China. In June 2019, Harbin Travel, Ningde Times and Ant Financial Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the “two-wheel travel and power exchange field”, committed to building China’s largest two-wheeler basic energy network, and providing two-wheeled electric vehicle power exchange services to the public .

Since its establishment more than two years ago, as the first domestic enterprise to be certified by the China Quality Certification Center for the CQC certification of the two-wheeled electric vehicle switch cabinet, Xiaoha Power Exchange has been adhering to the brand proposition of “technological new energy, safer without charging”, leading in technology Innovate the two-round travel energy supply method, accelerate the promotion of the “replacement” emerging energy consumption model, and strive to enable the 400 million two-round travel users across the country to enjoy the technological benefits of clean new energy. As of the end of August 2021, Xiaoha Power Exchange has opened up network capabilities to the public in more than 300 cities across the country, providing safe, intelligent, convenient and efficient two-wheel travel power services.

About the basic energy service network for two rounds of electricity

The basic energy network of the city’s two-rotation power supply is very similar to the combination of “shared power bank” + “smart express cabinet” in terms of product form. Based on AIoT, artificial intelligence and big data technology, it is composed of a smart switch cabinet, a switch platform system (WEB end) and a mobile switch APP. In daily use, the user only needs to scan the code to pay the deposit to get the battery for use. After use, replace the “old battery” and get the “new battery” back.

Similar to express cabinets, each battery in the smart switch cabinet is placed in a door compartment. The system controls the opening of each cabinet door to complete the borrowing and returning of user-side batteries. The user’s entire battery replacement time may only take 10 seconds, that is, a fully charged battery can be put into the electric bicycle. The “replacement charge” two-wheeled electric vehicle battery swap mode separates the overall charging safety risk from people as much as possible from the perspective of space and time, and avoids safety accidents as much as possible.

The feature of the two-wheeled electricity energy network is to liberate users from batteries and charging. Urban users only need to care about the supplementary use of batteries. And the battery charging, operation and maintenance are all provided by the operation service provider of the battery exchange network to provide a unified product and technical solution. Even if there are accidents, the safety design of the switch cabinet can be resolved in time, and will not cause casualties and major property losses.

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