Xiaomi 12 Ultra leaks: it would have a Leica camera

For months, if not years now, there has been speculation about Leica’s fate following Huawei’s incidents with the United States and its trade blockade.

The photographic modules of these cameras are among the best on the market, perhaps the most reliable and remarkable. But the veto against the Chinese manufacturer has ended up affecting its presence and relevance in the smartphone industry.

It is an open secret that seems more and more imminent: Leica will have a new partner that would not be Huawei. And now there is an explosive leak that points to Xiaomi as the next brand to team up with them.

Leica would be the protagonist of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

The crazy ones LET’S GO DIGITAL and the canal de YouTube Technizo Concepts They have released an impressive video with renders of what the Xiaomi 12 Ultra would be.

In this audiovisual of almost 3 minutes we see in depth the technical details of this terminal, all based on technical diagrams and leaked trusted information. So what seen here would be almost a fact:

This device would be scheduled to be launched in 2022. Among its visual elements to highlight we find its rounded screen, the camera for selfies hole punch at the top center of the display and the presence of a secondary screen next to the rear camera module.

But the most disturbing element is that this section would have a Leica triple lens system. Which would end up showing the Chinese manufacturer as the next business partner of the renowned photographic brand.

This secondary screen would show the time, the battery status and would launch support notifications when the main screen is not visible to the user.

In fact the front display would be 6.8 inches, AMOLED QHD + with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The processor would be Qualcomm Snapdragon 898, its internal memory of 256 GB and its RAM memory would scale up to 12 GB.

While its battery would have a power of 5,000 mAh with cable charging capacity at 120W. All for a price that could be around $ 1,300.

The official confirmation announcement is missing. But considering the background of those who have launched the leak, it is very likely that all this ends up being true.

The move would represent an important advance for Leica, considering that Xiaomi has been positioning itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the smartphone sector.

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