Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro formalized: it really ramps up everywhere

Xiaomi has unveiled its new generation of electric scooter, the Mi Scooter 4 Pro. This incorporates tires with a larger diameter as well as more powerful headlights. Presentation.

It was during an event organized in Paris that Xiaomi revealed a whole string of new products, including a new generation electric scooter which will gradually take over from the current range.

To begin with, Xiaomi has only introduced the Pro version of its vehicle, which is logically placed at a higher price position: 799.99 euros, according to its recommended price for the European market.

Able to swallow 20% ribs

For the moment, we do not know if a so-called “classic” version will be available at a more moderate price (around 500 euros), as we used to see so far.
For this Pro version, the Chinese brand is logically upping its game with a 700 W motor, which limits – as provided by law – the speed of the machine to a maximum of 25 km/h. Taming 20% ​​ribs will be particularly possible, assures the brand. The power of the front and rear headlights has also been increased.

Scooter 4 Pro Lifestyle4

Its more generous 12,400 mAh battery gives it an interesting autonomy of 45 km (compared to 30 km for the less expensive Mi Electric Scooter 3), although a full test of the scooter will be necessary to confirm this element.

10 inch tires

Equipped with 10-inch tubeless tires (compared to 8.5 on the previous generation) and therefore resistant to punctures, the Mi Scooter 4 Pro also opts for an aluminum chassis. Xiaomi evokes a weight that we are promised light but which still rises to 17.5 kg. In terms of dimensions, here too the new generation is gaining in size. It table unfolds on 1,198 x 484 x 1,240mm and 541mm in height when folded. The deck measures 165mm sideways. The maximum insured load is 120 kg.

The two-wheeler also takes the lead in terms of dimensions, which would allow it to support more weight. But again, no reference is given. Charging will be more practical thanks to the addition of a magnetic port. On the safety side, you finally have to rely on a front ABS – which protects you from locking the wheels – and a double-pad disc brake at the rear.

The release date in France has not yet been announced. A release in Europe in mid-August is however planned.

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