Xiaomi: New scooters for Germany are announced

Last year, Xiaomi introduced a new scooter with the Mi Electric Scooter 3. cost point? 449 euros, but not made for the German market including regulations. For example, the paper states a speed of 25 km/h, not the 20 km/h required for registration. At that time, Xiaomi also stated that they currently had no plans to bring the scooter to the German market. Now there are new Xiaomi scooter models for the German market in the starting blocks.

The Mi Electric Scooter 3 will most likely come onto the German market. In insider circles, there are rumors that the delays could be related to the necessary throttling. With the previous models, there were regularly users who teased the full speed potential out of the scooters via the software – which then no longer fits with the approval of a small electric vehicle.

All technical information and other details are known about the Mi Electric Scooter. Apart from the speed, the model for the German market should only differ by reflectors or the like – as you already know from other Xiaomi scooters. Likewise, one could expect a higher price for the costs incurred through the certification.

But that was not the end of the new scooter models for the German market. The Xiaomi 4 Pro is also in the starting blocks. Leaks are already circulating about the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro. The German regulations set the speed at 20 km/h anyway. The leaks also speak of a 12.4 Ah battery capacity, which enables a range of 45 km. Within 8 – 9 hours the battery of the scooter is then filled again for new tours. According to the information currently available, Xiaomi relies on a motor with 350 watts for the motor, which can, however, also reach a peak of 500 watts. You have to see what’s actually behind it. If you are speculating on a model with German approval, you can probably count on the scooters being quite similar to the well-known Ninebot models. In addition: You shouldn’t expect any major innovations in this market at the moment.

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