Xibalbá does not frighten Yucatecans, deputy assures that there is control of Health

After announcing the arrival in Yucatan of a new variant of the covid-19 called BW.1 or “Xibalba”, being discovered by researchers from the UNAM it would be the cause of a new outbreak in the peninsula and that today positions the entity in the first place of infections.

In The Truth News we have released an investigation report on this new variant, which stated that it refers to an Omicron mutation but that it could be less successful than BQ.1.1 (nicknamed “Hellhound”), without being as deadly as other variants.

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Yucatan forewarned

To this, the president of the Health Commission of the Yucatan Congress, Dafne Lopez Osorio He assured that the state authorities are prepared for any alarm that both variants may generate.

“We are very well coordinated with the health authorities of the state of Yucatán and I precisely have information that they are already prepared, in the event that they have to take other measures, they will do so in due course,” he said.

He stressed that so far there are no meetings due to any alert on Covid, he even stated that “this variant can be combated as long as we take the necessary measures.”

He explained that the state Health Committee so far has not met to discuss any urgent issue related to Covid-19, so it is understood that there is control regarding the variants that have occurred in recent days.

“What we know is that it does not represent an alarm, the variant does have its novelties, but it is something that we believe that, by taking health measures, we can overcome this,” said the deputy.

Finally, he explained that the Health Commission of the Legislative Branch does not have great interference in terms of public health issues, however, they are pending any information provided by the authorities, in order to exhort or request the application of the protocols in due course. if they are needed.

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