Yamil Bukele: «We reiterate to Morazán FC, its players and leaders, our support and accompaniment»

The president of INDES, Yamil Bukele, expressed the official position of the National Football League regarding the complaints expressed by some players of the Morazán FC team last Tuesday, motivated by the decision of the team leaders to dismiss the coaching staff, not by adverse results but for inappropriate behavior with the fans.

In this regard, the statement that INDES has released this day on behalf of the LNF, states that “an investigation was immediately launched… the team’s authorities explained to us that on August 1, one day before the press conference In mention, it had been decided to separate coach Dagoberto Sosa for disciplinary reasons that conflict with the values ​​promulgated by the National Soccer League.

The statement adds that: “The authorities of Morazán FC bet on the DT beyond the sports results that have not accompanied the team, but they decided to do without the services of the coach after an episode of violence experienced by Mr. Sosa with fans of the set”.

The official position confirms the support for the team, its leaders and fans. “We reiterate to Morazán FC, its players and leaders, our support and accompaniment for the proper development of this initiative that has become an opportunity for the development of local talent through sports,” he says.

At the same time, INDES rejects allegations of corruption or embezzlement of funds granted by the institution. “… rejecting any indication of corruption or embezzlement of funds or resources, since the National Sports Institute (INDES) has been the guarantor of their correct use.”

This protest by some players and the dismissed coaching staff gave rise to several voices opposing the government management speaking out against this INDES sports project. In this regard, the president of the institution published this day on his twitter account: «I perfectly understand where the attacks against our projects and against me come from. I recognize the attacks, it is enough to see the profiles and the content of each one. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that some became known for so little and in such a short time.

In his message thread, Yamil Bukele adds that: “After INDES did not have any sponsor for almost 18 years, I can only thank the more than a dozen brands that have trusted our management and that today are part of the great sports family… We will continue to build the path”, he asserts.

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