Yanina Latorre shot live her theory about the loss of Romina Pereiro on Telefe

If there is something that characterizes Yanina Torres, since he began his career in the media, he has never had an itch when it comes to issuing many of his well-known sharp opinions.

It is known by all that the little angel maintains a strong enmity with Jorge Rial, and that is why whenever she can she throws a ‘stick’ at him. Now, Yanina Torres He referred to the fierce internal that there is nothing more and nothing less than Telefe, a channel to which both the journalist and his wife would join, whom he would divorce from one moment to another.

Despite Yanina Torres does not know Romina Pereiro, he decided to address her on the air of “LAM”, when the subject came up again in one of the heated debates on the gossip program.

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