Yann Moix dragged to court by his brother Alexandre Moix

In 2019 in a book, Yann Moix accused his family of mistreatment. His brother Alexandre had denied outright while filing a complaint against him for defamation. This Friday, October 15 in court, Alexandre Moix again accused his brother of abuse.

Relations in the Moix family are at an all-time low. In 2019, Yann Moix comes out with an explosive book titled Orléans in which the former polemicist ofWe are not in bed reveals all the abuse he allegedly suffered from his parents. Claiming to have been abused by his family when he was younger, the columnist of Balance ton post created a shockwave on social media, and soon after, his family struck back. Denying outright the accusations of Yann Moix, his brother Alexander spread in the media, claiming that it was the polemicist who was violent and not his family. But the family quarrel, exposed in broad daylight without any shame, did not stop there. In turn, each member of the family gave their side of the story on television sets, making the media an outlet.

A psychodrama in the media

The climax of this dark story takes place on November 7, 2019 on the set of Do not touch My TV. At that time, Yann Moix reiterates his words and affirms in passing that his little brother is “very very close to neo-Nazi groups “, while assuring that he would suffer from psychiatric disorders and that he would have been treated with “heavy psychotropic drugs”. Faced with these accusations, Alexandre Moix decided to file a complaint against his brother for defamation.

Yann Moix absent in court

Here we are this Friday, October 15. The 17th correctional chamber of the Paris judicial court must rule on the complaints filed by Alexandre Moix for defamation against his brother Yann Moix. The latter was not present at the hearing, but he sent a four-page letter in which he explains his reasons for not seeing his brother. “dangerous”, in its terms. Alexandre Moix, he was facing the judge and he, as expected, delivered a real plea against his brother. “My brother doesn’t like my presence on Earth”, he first said before adding: “I lived with my brother a terrible childhood. As an adult my brother harassed me for years. For example, he called my wife, who was then pregnant, to tell her: ‘I’m going to give you an abortion!’ Nothing stops him (…) I am asking the courts today to ensure that he stops harming my career, my family “.

Bad words?

At the end of his statements, the prosecutor did not recommend a sentence, while affirming that only one remark could be condemned: when Yann Moix had affirmed that his brother would have taken “heavy psychotropic drugs for many years”. The defense, she demanded the release. The decision was reserved for November 26.

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