Yannick Alléno: his moving secrets about his son’s girlfriend

Last May, chef Yannick Alléno lost his son Antoine, shortly before he turned 25. The young man, also a cook, lost his life in a traffic accident in Paris. He had been hit by a driver in the middle of the night when he was stopped on his scooter at a red light. A terrible tragedy from which relatives are struggling to recover. This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, they have also chosen to launch an association in his name, in order tohelp the families of victims through these trying times. A project that willmoral, psychological and financial support“.

If we are not there, what becomes of it?

Asked at the microphone of RTL this morning, the starred chef, actually recounts the difficulties in taking back the son of his life. And Yannick Alleno addresses in particular the case of his son’s girlfriend: “They are young people under construction. In Antoine’s case, he had been with his partner for six years and she is still at school. They were in their little apartment, they were living their little life. They were starting to settle down. And in fact, if we are not there, what becomes of it?“, he ends up questioning. The journalist raising the fact that the young woman “does not exist administratively in relation to Antoine“. This is confirmed by the cook, before insisting above all on the emotional aspect: “I think we have to take the time to talk to these children, find out what they need, if we can help them. We can talk to the town halls, to relocate them. Because it’s very difficult to go back to your little apartment when your partner is no longer there. All eyes on every piece of furniture are difficult. We need to help rebuild“, argues Yannick Alléno, who intends to do so, thanks to this association.

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A cruel lack of humanity

The leader explained yesterday, in the columns of Parisian, having suffered with his ex-wife and his son Thomas, from a serious lack of humanity, the night of Antoine’s accident. “We arrived at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Paris. A gloomy room, with a dilapidated chair. We were handed a piece of paper, the contact of a person in case we needed psychological support. And then that’s all. Not even a glass of water. At 3 o’clock in the morning, we all three left on our own. The next day you want to see your child. It’s happening at the forensic institute, a sordid building behind the Gare de Lyon. You see your kid behind glass“, he said.

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