Yeedi Vac 2 Pro review: a robot vacuum cleaner that is too expensive for what it is

WE love

  • Fairly good quality cleaning
  • The cartographic function
  • The good autonomy
  • The low height

We don’t like

  • The imperfect navigation
  • The unnecessary washing function
  • The confusing mobile app


This Vac 2 Pro robot, in absolute terms, is not lacking in interest, thanks to its cleaning of fairly good quality and its good autonomy, among other things. But now, some aspects, such as navigation, are less convincing. Above all, competitors like Xiaomi’s Mop 2S, tested a few weeks ago in these columns, do a little better while being cheaper. Difficult, in fact, to recommend this model.

A brand belonging to Ecovacs (known for Deebot robots), Yeedi recently announced two new robots: the Vac 2 and the Vac 2 Pro. These share many features, but the second benefits in particular from a battery with twice the capacity and an oscillation washing system, designed to dislodge the most stubborn stains.

It is therefore the Vac 2 Pro, the most advanced and the most expensive, which our editorial team has tested. Is it yet another robot vacuum cleaner or is it turning the market upside down? Note: we also received its emptying station, which automatically transfers the dust from the bin to a bag to be changed after a few weeks. An accessory still as practical, but optional (199 €), on which we do not insist.

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Yeedi Vac 2 Pro: the main positive points

The first contact with this robot is positive: quite original white color (and less messy than black), good finish, low height allowing it to slip easily under furniture… But its main qualities are revealed especially in use.

Fairly good suction quality

Conventionally, the Vac 2 Pro is equipped with a central rubber/nylon brush, measuring 17 centimeters wide, and a rotating side brush. As for the suction power, it is announced at 3000 Pa and the dust is collected in a tank with a respectable capacity of 420 ml. In the facts, this robot is quite effective in ridding the floor of the housing of its dust.

We will find here and there some small sheepdislodged by the side brush without being sucked up later, and sometimes ignored wall angles, but nothing too dramatic. On a thick carpet, the Vac 2 Pro does a little less welleven at maximum suction power.

But most of its competitors at the same price level do no better. More worrying, the carpet detection function, which is supposed to automatically engage the maximum power in this situation, did not work during our test.

Image 3: Yeedi Vac 2 Pro review: an overpriced robot vacuum cleaner for what it is
Yeedi Vac 2 Pro – Credit: Frédéric Monflier

Accurate housing mapping

It is using a camera placed on top – and not a lidar – that this robot maps the housing and manages to find its way around. The measurements proved accurate in our case. Displayed in the mobile application, this map allows rooms to be labeled (bedroom, living room, etc.) and then selected for partial cleaning if necessary.

Sequential cleaning – the rooms will be run through in the chosen order – is also possible, as is the creation of vacuum/wash or wash only zones. Useful for carpeted floors, for example. However, we regret not being able to adjust the separation of the rooms once the map has been created.

Image 4: Yeedi Vac 2 Pro review: an overpriced robot vacuum cleaner for what it is
Yeedi app – Credit: Frédéric Monflier

The good autonomy

Armed with a 5200 mAh battery, the Vac 2 Pro is durable: the battery still shows 60% capacity after almost an hour of cleaning, with maximum suction power, on a surface of less than 40 m². By extrapolating, it is not unreasonable to count 2h30 of cleaning (less if washing is operational) before the battery is depleted. A good performance, in line with a mid-range price.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro: the main negative points

The Vac 2 Pro does not escape a few shortcomings. We can forgive its inefficient washing function – very few robots do better – but the navigation and the mobile application, in their current state, are more detrimental to our senses.

Sometimes erratic navigation

Regarding obstacle detection, the Vac 2 Pro uses a frontal device combining structured light with a 3D imaging algorithm, according to Yeedi. A technology that evokes that of 3D scanners… Anyway, the robot goes around objects placed or fallen on the ground – provided that they are not too small – and that is what we ask of it .

But all is not so rosy. In our test, the Vac 2 Pro had a tendency to venture into narrow passages, to the point of getting stuck between two chair bars (whose spacing, unfortunately, coincided with the diameter of the robot). On the other hand, he does not really appreciate that we move furniture to give him free rein. Once his work is done, he may then have some difficulty finding his way around – the furniture moved, intercepted by the camera, no longer corresponding with the memorized map – then finding his way back to his base.

Finally, the camera used for navigation needs light, but not too much so as not to be dazzled. A very dark or very bright room can therefore be problematic.

Image 5: Yeedi Vac 2 Pro review: an overpriced robot vacuum cleaner for what it is
Yeedi Vac 2 Pro – Credit: Frédéric Monflier

Uninteresting washing

Once the water tank with a capacity of 180 ml is embedded in its frame, the Vac 2 Pro turns into a robot mop. The rather ample and vigorous oscillation of the wipe, highlighted by Yeedi, is promising but the result is inconclusive.

An observation valid for the vast majority of existing robot-scrubbers, let’s be honest. Even if you choose a high water flow, the very light humidification of the soil is not likely to threaten the toughest tasks. In short, it is a function that we gladly do without, as usual, one might add.

The confusing mobile app

The mobile application shaped by Yeedi is certainly neat in appearance but sometimes lacks logic. In question: the layout of the interface and access to functions that are sometimes difficult to grasp, terminological choices or risky translations (Automatic, for example, which in fact means cleaning the entire housing), color codes on the map (light cyan/dark cyan) which does not always clearly indicate what the robot has cleaned or not…

Added to this are bugs, such as that of the time zone that must be adjusted manually, for lack of inaccurate synchronization with that of the telephone. As a result, the cleaning schedule, on such a day at such a time, is shifted. We hope that Yeedi will make the appropriate corrections.

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