"Yes, I want coronavirus": Anti-vaccine groups sell kits to get COVID-19

The Netherlands anti-vaccine movement is once again pushing the limits in its crusade against the Government and is now marketing a kit to “self-infect” COVID-19. With a high demand, a site sells a package containing a dose of liquid infected with coronavirus for those who want to get sick, along with an antigen test to verify that the buyer managed to contract the virus.

The advertising of the controversial kit even includes that if that first attempt fails, the comparator can order a new delivery, this time at a lower price. Meanwhile, the Netherlands is experiencing a series of protests over the demands and restrictions imposed by the Government.

Although the site no longer works, many deliveries of the kit were made, as revealed by Russian television. RT, at a value of 33 euros and with home delivery. In the product indications “Yes, I want the coronavirus”, buyers were advised to stay in their homes if they were unwell and to comply with government recommendations.

The country is going through a sharp rise in cases and internments, amid protests against the restrictions and with huge sectors that refuse to receive the vaccine, which complicates relations with the rest of the nations of the continent. Bars, restaurants and businesses considered essential close at 8:00 p.m. and the rest of the shops at 6:00 p.m. and citizens are urged to telework and not receive more than four people at home.

The Government also presented in the last hours to Parliament a bill to implement the health passport of people vaccinated and recovered from the disease in bars, restaurants and other public places. The project will be debated next week.

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