Yield, respect for the environment: this Goodvest investment takes off

The climate crisis and high inflation show us how important it is to start adopting the right reflexes as soon as possible. In 2022, the purchasing power of the French is falling abruptly and prices will rise by 4.9%, or even 22% for energy prices.

Faced with this, investing your money in savings yields little (1% for the Livret A) and the more efficient savings accounts offered by the banks are a disaster for the environment – responsible for 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year on average. For your portfolio too, the contracts of traditional establishments are expensive in terms of management fees.

Launched in 2021, the French startup Goodvest has developed a solution to these two problems with life insurance à la carte, in which customers can choose to bring their savings in responsible projects to grow their savings, while obtaining good returns. “The performances are even superior to those of traditional funds”says Goodvest.

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Combine performance and positive impact? The Goodvest method

When opening an account, which takes place independently, in a few clicks, or with a real advisor (by chat or by phone), the platform offers you among seven different and eco-responsible themes. There are renewable energies, the environment, employment, solidarity and access to water in particular.

Within these categories, Goodvest will place your money in stocks and bonds, investments whose risk is then decided by you and will determine your possible returns. Goodvest offers five investor profiles: secure, cautious, determined, ambitious and daring. The 5-year annualized returns go from 3.72% per year to 10.75% depending on the formula.

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To manage the risk/return ratio, Goodvest modifies its basket of stocks and bonds. The better the plan performs, the more your capital will be invested in shares, and in particular those of companies with the greatest growth potential. Conversely, the most secure investments will mainly use your funds in bonds. To make a simulation according to your profile and your wishes, click below.

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Bonds are a more secure asset class because it is a debt security, money lent to entities such as States, public or local authorities or even large national or private companies.

Investing from 300 euros is possible

To be able to invest, you need a starting capital. But at Goodvest, the latter remains accessible. He’s from 500 euros, even 300 euros if you are under 26. Then, it will be necessary to place a monthly sum on the life insurance in order to smooth the investment, reduce the risks, and more easily save on your side.

Goodvest offers lower management fees than banks. What’s more, your money can be paid into your current account in the event of an emergency and the platform undertakes to pay out the capital within 72 hours. If you keep your life insurance for more than 8 years, on the contrary, then you will be able to benefit from an exemption of 4600 euros on your capital gainsor even 9200€ depending on your situation.

For Presse-citron readers, a special promo code has been launched by Goodvest. For a subscription to life insurance, you can enjoy up to 500 euros in management fees offered. When registering, enter the code PRESSECITRON to get the discount and further reduce your life insurance bill.

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Goodvest raises funds and doubles its workforce

In just two years, Goodvest has managed to offer a comprehensive and serious life insurance offer. Investors are interested in it and in early June, the startup announced the raising of 2 million euros to double its workforce and continue its growth. Life insurance for minors is coming – a good way to invest for your children in the first life insurance compatible with the Paris Climate Agreement.

If you are interested in the business model, know that you too can invest in Goodvest. A fundraiser is launched on the Crowdcube platform with an entry ticket from 10 euros.

The campaign is separate from Goodvest’s life insurance investment product, but with it, you’ll also be able to enjoy returns if Goodvest’s valuation grows. You will be officially a shareholder in the company and you will be able to resell your shares in the event of an IPO of the company in particular.

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