Yle Sporten broadcasts: Will Colorado’s victory march continue or can Tampa Bay rise on home ice? Fate match in the Stanley Cup final series

The final series has landed in Tampa – and the reigning champions have the knife to their throat. The series’ first home game is almost a must-win for Lightning.

Tampa Bay – Colorado, match three in the final series

  • Colorado leads by 20 in matches

  • Live on TV2 and at the Arena at 3

  • Commentator: Mattias Simonsen

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The team that starts away really has everything to gain in a final series two first matches. But with two losses in the bag, Tampa Bay can not afford another.

This is not the first time “Bolts” is in this precarious situation. Most recently in the conference finals, the reigning champions were down 0-2 after the two initial away matches and then won four in a row.

But the Colorado Avalanche is a team of a completely different caliber than the rest of those that Lightning has met so far. “Avs” has succeeded in its goal – to force Tampa Bay to play their high-speed hockey.

The furious forecheck paved the way for the humiliating 7-0 victory on Sunday night, but now Lightning has had to leave the high-altitude camp in Denver and also has a loud audience on its side for the first time.

How far is that enough?

Finns: Historical Rantanen and stomach-sick Lehkonen

Mikko Rantanen entered the history books in the seven-goal crusher when he scored three goals. At the same time, he went up in a total of 50 goal-scoring assists in NHL playoff games.

He only needed 59 games to do that – only Sidney Crosby of the now active NHL players has reached the milestone faster. By the way, Bobby Orr also did it on exactly 59 duster.

Rantanen admitted in Yle’s interview after match two that he – as a Finn – likes not to be the biggest poster name in Colorado right now. But the question is whether Rantanen has not been the most important for Avalanche so far in the final series?

Father Ismo in turn revealed that Artturi Lehkonen is afflicted with some form of stomach ailment. Because of that, the effort in the last match was quite modest, the question is whether it still bothers him.

Keep an eye out for: Tampa’s stars

Before the final series, it was said that a lot would be about the match – whether Colorado could take advantage of having to lay out just the right chain against the right opposition at home.

But in the name of honesty, Avalanche was stronger no matter how the chains were matched. The width of the center file that would speak for Lightning with Brayden Point against Colorado without Nazem Kadri has not been seen at all.

At some point, however, the rustiness must drop. And then Tampa Bay will be scary. In addition, Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kutjerov and Victor Hedman are guaranteed to be cursed after the eviction two days ago.

And when they are, it is usually visible on the scoreboard.

The tip: Tampa fixes the victory

Before the team boarded the flight to Florida, Rantanen stated that at least they are not arrogant. They have not won anything yet, he said to the assembled press corps at the airport.

But the expectation is that it is a completely different Tampa Bay that flies out of the starting positions tonight. Is Colorado ready for it? This commenter puts the money on the fact that they can not match the intensity directly.

Lightning wins, but only with the odd goal.

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