“You are before our eyes”: the serious revelations of Karim Tabbou

Arrested and then released on the eve of Aid el Fitr, the political opponent Karim Tabbou, who is also one of the figures of Hirak, came out of silence today to denounce “police relentlessness”.

In a letter addressed this Wednesday, May 11 to the Director General of National Security; Karim Tabbou returned to his latest arrests, denouncing the “timing” of his last arrest which took place on the eve of the Eid holiday and in the midst of breaking his fast.

“For me, an arrest at my home in the middle of breaking my fast with my family, on the eve of Aid, is a political message, the content of which is ‘you are at the mercy of the giver of instructions’, but also to make me an example for others,” he wrote.

Continuing in the same vein, Karim Tabbou qualified his last arrest as arbitrary which, according to him, is in “violation of articles 51 and 52 of the constitution”.

“Why summon me to question me about my discussions with citizens when it is not an offense in the eyes of the law, var articles 51 and 52 of the Algerian constitution allow me to exercise my right to freedom of ‘expression,’ he said.

Karim Tabbou of “indirect threats”

In the same letter, Karim Tabbou also revealed that he had been “indirectly threatened” during his last interrogation by the security services; “One violation too many”, for him.

“Do not talk about the president or his institutions, you could go through moments of suffering you and your children, you are under our eyes, under our surveillance… These instructions that have been sent to me recently (his last interrogation) are, for me, direct threats against me,” denounced Karim Tabbou.

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