You are entitled to this from the insurance companies this summer

The holiday plans do not always go according to plan. This is not all you can predict, but should something get in the way, you may want to find out what the insurance company covers in advance.

A recent survey conducted by Respons Analyze shows that close to one million Norwegians need to check their travel insurance better.

What does the insurance actually cover if the trip is not possible to complete?

Cold travel feet

If you have booked a trip to Spain, you may want to check the weather forecast. Spain is experiencing the hottest heat wave in 40 years.

If it gets too hot, and you now regret the travel choice due to the heat wave, you can forget about getting money back on your travel insurance.

– There are many who pay in insurance premiums, and that money can not go to cover cancellations, because some do not want the heat that you after all book a trip to the south to get, says communications director of Forsikringsselskapet If, Andreas Handeland.

Handeland says that they receive several inquiries from customers about the heat wave.

– It’s not so strange, because there are many who do not like the strong heat. We Norwegians are not used to that.

What if you travel, get sick from the heat wave and are admitted to the hospital or have to go to the emergency room, does the insurance cover it?

– Yes of course. We treat it in the same way as other acute illnesses.

REGARDING CUSTOMERS: Andreas Handeland, communications director at the insurance company If, says that more people are calling about the heat wave in Spain. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

Should you be unlucky enough to get a heat stroke, become dehydrated, or for other reasons need treatment, then the travel insurance will cover this.

If you are admitted, you can also be covered for lost holidays, and a new trip home if necessary.

– It is something completely different to sit here at home and get cold travel feet because it is too hot in Spain, Hadeland adds.

Canceled flight departure

If you have booked a flight with SAS this summer, you may want to add a plan B.

On June 29, SAS may be hit by a major strike, and if you are one of many who then have their flight canceled, you will not receive anything in return from the insurance company.

– A strike is never covered by insurance, Andreas Handeland says.

– It is about that we should not interfere in a labor dispute. Had we gone in and started reimbursing that type of expense, we would have destroyed the entire balance of power in a strike, and the whole point of the strike.

Can you expect the airline to pay out what you lose due to a possible strike?

– I would think that the airlines will go to great lengths to make it as smooth as possible for customers.

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