You can now play your downloaded Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games offline

Many gamers will remember what Microsoft was trying to do with the Xbox One originally and the DRM, which gave the PS3 a huge advantage early in the generation and they haven’t recovered since. However, over time Microsoft has taken steps in the opposite direction and this month released an update for Xbox consoles addressing this issue.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released an update for Xbox consoles that reduces the limitations of the DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems used by companies to prevent piracy, since now it is possible to start our games from Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S even if we are not connected to the internet.

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Previously, when starting an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S game, the console would do an online check to see if you had the permissions to do so, but this will no longer be necessary and you will be able to start your games offline. However, an internet connection is still required the first time you launch the game.

Once the installation and start of an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S game has passed, it will no longer be necessary to connect to the internet to play it, so you can play all the ones that are installed on the console regardless of which profile you do it from . However, this does not apply to Xbox OG or Xbox 360 games.

This is a step in the right direction on Microsoft’s part, but it’s clear there’s still work to be done on DRM and physical release issues. Unfortunately, some physical games can’t be played if you don’t have an internet connection, as titles like Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite don’t have the full game on disc.

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