You can play PC games on Nintendo Switch thanks to a new device

Last week took place the Tokyo Game Show 2022 in Japan and one of the announcements that went unnoticed is that of a new device that the Tassei company is creating, which would be used to play PC games on our Nintendo Switch via streaming.

This weekend the new device from the Tassei company was revealed, consisting of a game card with the ability to stream video games from PC, with which we could play games from our Steam libraries or the Epic Games Store on a Nintendo Switch.

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At the moment it seems that the name of the device is Tassei’s Stream Card and thanks to the video of an attendee at the Tokyo Game Show we can see how it was shown to the public. As we can see in the video above, Tassei’s new Stream Card was shown streaming Stray from PC to a Nintendo Switch.

If you are one of those who are against companies launching their games on Nintendo Switch with versions in the cloud, perhaps this device is not for you, because streaming technology also has latency no matter how good our connection to Internet. Still, there are plenty of games that can be played this way without affecting gameplay, such as turn-based RPGs.

As explained by the 4Gamer portal, the Stream Card is inserted into the game card slot at the top of the Nintendo Switch, but it is not a simple Wi-Fi module, as it also does some processing after receiving the data from the PC. The 4Games team said they’ve seen the device running on a Nintendo Switch running Stray and confirm that the lag is minimal.

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