“You delicate deer”: Shania Geiss enchants fans with a belly-free look

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Shania Geiss travels to the most beautiful places with the Geissens clan. We went to Saint-Tropez by yacht. Your outfit inspires the fans.

St. Tropez – Shania Geiss (18) lives the luxury life together with sister Davina (19). On the yacht of the parents Robert (58) and Carmen Geiss (57) they go to the most beautiful places, which they also show again and again in their series “The Geissens”. Most recently, the family returned to the celebrity town of Saint Tropez, from where the blonde shared some snapshots on Instagram.

Shania Geiss loves cropped outfits

The 18-year-old wears a cropped shirt with a black and white striped look from the Céline brand. Shania Geiss relies on denim for high-waist jeans and denim jackets. The sunglasses and the beautiful weather in the background give an idea of ​​the best weather. The TV star writes: “Still on the move”.

“Davina & Shania – We love Monaco” – The Geissens daughters’ own television series

The two sisters Davina and Shania watched fans of the series “The Geissens” grow up in front of the camera and grow up. At the age of 18 and 19, the two now have their own RTL2 television series “Davina & Shania – We love Monaco”. Since May 9, 2022, you can see the two on their way to independence. They now live in their first own apartment without their parents. In addition to her TV career, Shania tries her hand at painting, modeling and fashion design.

Shania Geiss seems to be enjoying life again. Above all, the followers are also enthusiastic about the outfit of the 18-year-olds. They inquire about the brand of the pants, their ring and praise their “super beautiful sunglasses”. “You’re so pretty”, it is also called or “nice outfit”. An enthusiastic user even raves about Shania as a “delicate deer” with a heart.

Shania Geiss inspires her fans

In the meantime, the blonde is already in the next place with her family. She lets her legs dangle in a luxury hotel in the province of Bolzano. There, too, Shania Geiss chooses an outfit with a crop top and jeans and receives praise for the outfit.

Recently, a short summer skirt by Shania Geiss triggered a discussion among Instagram fans. You could read from “daring” to “queen”. Sources used: instagram.com/shania__geiss

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