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“The second wonder” brings together a collection of critical texts on poetry, narrative, cinema and even painting, a wide and varied sample of 43 essay pieces where the author from Guatambú achieves the decipherment of certain artistic procedures analyzed through a period of twenty years. One of the essential axes of it is the language and the ways of dealing with its uncertainties. Always in favor of the feedback of meaning, Mario Arteca attacks overconfident elocutory identities, activating a prose whose crystalline, polymorphous and diffuse composition opens up forms of reading on the events of language. Between meanders and slips, his pulse gives birth to a style that avoids the tics assigned to the genre of criticism. An Arteca-syntax, whose attitude seeks to propose –in his best passages- an increase in perceptual possibilities. Wilson Good; Edward Hopper; Jorge DiPaola; Joseph Kozer; EM Cioran; Miguel Angel Bustos; Michelangelo Antonioni; Lorenzo Garcia Vega; Andres Ajens; Robert Merino; Victor Sosa; among other authors, treated with original lucidity. A (po)ethical bet whose transforming attitude decentralizes any prejudice to propose another trace of poetic hierarchies. New associations (including: non-categorizations).

Always transforming the degrees of meaning of the words, each essay is a mechanism in itself, offering a different way of getting involved with the reading of the authors examined. In that sense, as we go through the pages of “The Second Astonishment”, we do not witness the predestined formula of a topic, but an approach to the enigma in all experience of thought.

Mario Arteca was born in 1960, in La Plata. He is a poet, writer, essayist and journalist. Among his books are The impression of a brochure (2003), Five for one (2008), Horno (2010), New impressions (2009, Chile), Circular (2012, Brazil), Circulating (2012, Spain), Irish Republican Army (2013, Uruguay), Hotel Babel (2014), Piazza Navona (2014), News from the belle époque (2015), Nevermore (2016), Leave a message after the tone (2019), The poems of Arno Wolica (2020 ) and A Bad Dream Without a Sound (2021). He was co-editor of Imaginary Country. Writings and transtexts 1960-1979. His work was partially translated into English, French, German and Portuguese.

the second wonder

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