You finally have a good reason to use Microsoft Edge (if you value your personal data)

Microsoft Edge became a more interesting browser after the Redmond firm replaced its proprietary browser engine EdgeHTML with Chromium, the open-source technology offered by Google. Thanks to this change in technology, Microsoft has eliminated the compatibility problems that its browser could encounter on certain websites.

Indeed, as Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, developers tend to optimize their sites for it, and therefore for Chromium. And since today, Microsoft Edge uses Chromium, sites optimized for Google Chrome are also for the browser of the Redmond firm. And, bonus: Chrome extensions become compatible with Edge.

Moreover, Microsoft did not stop there, since it also regularly adds new features that allow its browser to stand out. And among these, there is the new ultra-secure mode called Super Duper Secure Mode.

This mode was added on version 96.0.1054.29 of Microsoft Edge which has just been released, and essentially allows for more secure browsing. However, this also involves concessions.

Un mode « Super Duper Secure » !

According to the explanations of our colleagues from Windows Central, this mode deactivates a browser technology which is called “Just-in-Time-Compilation” (JIT). JIT improves the performance of websites, but makes browsing less secure.

With this new mode, Microsoft therefore gives the choice between security and performance. To activate it, simply go to the settings of Microsoft Edge (after downloading the latest version), then go to the “Privacy, search and services” tab.

If you scroll down you will find the new option for “Enable safety mitigations for a safer browsing experience”. Microsoft offers two options.

Microsoft Super Duper Mode

A “Super Duper Secure” mode on Microsoft Edge

The firm recommends the “Normal use” option. If you choose this one, the mitigations (thus, the performance impacts) only apply to sites that you do not visit frequently, while most sites will continue to function normally.

But if you choose the “strict” option, the mitigations apply to all sites. And performance issues related to this mitigation will be more frequent. You also have the option to list the sites you want to exclude from this feature.

In essence, this mode can be additional protection for your personal data, in addition to antivirus, VPN, etc.

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