You like to sleep? NASA offers more than 250 thousand pesos to be in bed for a month

Some jobs come out of the conventional, such as the one that pays you 20 thousand pesos to see all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, or the most laborious but just as strange that gives you 140 thousand for all the seasons of The Simpsons and detect all the forecasts. .. Now, NASA and the Envihab Aerospace Medicine Research Center of the German Space Agency (DLR) pay 11 thousand euros (just over 250 thousand Mexican pesos) for two months in bed, reported Milenio.

Recently, precisely the German institution announced that it would launch this particular work to see what are the visual disturbances and neurological changes after stays in space, so that the results can be used in future research.

This is a study that “lasted 59 days, including 30 days of bed rest,” for which they searched for study subjects. They abound in explaining that staying in space, in weightlessness, leads to consequences such as the breakdown of muscles and bones, as well as a displacement of fluids to the head, which is similar to the effect of being in bed for a long time.

Hence the interest in you being in bed for a month, and specifically, “test subjects should lie on a bed inclined 6 degrees towards their head”, and the results are expected to help “develop countermeasures or more effective preventive measures for ensure the well-being of astronauts on future long-term missions aboard the International Space Station, on the Moon or on Mars. “

The requirements to apply are the following:

• Healthy men and women between the ages of 24 and 55

• No smokers

• Height: 153-190 cm, BMI: 19-30 kg / m2

• Good German language skills required! / Good knowledge of the German language!

• Place of study: Cologne (Germany)

• Time required: 59 days of hospitalization (including 30 days of bed rest)

• Allocation of expenses: 11,000 euros (about 258 thousand 500 pesos at the current exchange rate)

Specifically the process is “59 days: 15 days of acclimatization, 30 days of bed rest and then 14 days of recovery and ‘astronaut rehabilitation’, during which you get back in shape for everyday life.” In addition, you will have to undergo two subsequent follow-up exams: the first after three months and the second after a year and a half.

And although the vacancies have already ended for the study that will be carried out at the beginning of next year, they are already beginning to think about a new experiment, which will be carried out for the spring of 2023. To participate, you have to send your name and last name via email to [email protected], and they will contact you.

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