You should therefore report a corona infection as an accident at work

You should therefore report a corona infection as an accident at work

  • What’s the point of displaying a corona infection as an accident at work or an occupational disease?
  • So are occupational diseases Are defined
  • In these cases counts corona to occupational diseases
  • Who reports them Illness?

the Corona case numbers are no longer as high as in 2020 and 2021, a risk of infection but is still given. The incidences vary in three-digit range. You can also become infected at work. The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) recommends in such a case COVID-19 as occupational disease or accident at work Report to. The achievements of accident insurance carrier are significantly higher than that of statutory health insurance.

What are occupational diseases

What disease with what cause than occupational disease is in one List of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) accurately recorded. It has existed since 1925 and has been constantly expanded ever since.

are in the lineup old and new occupational diseases listed. Since 1995 the Advisory Board a scientific recommendation for each new disease. This must scientific be justified.

The coronavirus COVID-19 does not appear in the list as a recognized occupational disease in its own right. However, under the number 3101 “infectious diseases” to read. Noisy Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs including Corona.

Who can report COVID-19 as an occupational disease?

Basically, it is only employees in the healthcarein welfare and in laboratories possible infection with COVID-19 as occupational disease Report to.

As the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs writes on its website, have been prepared by the expert so far no other professions been defined to a similarly high risk of infection subject. In some cases outside of the health service, however, COVID-19 can already be recognized as an occupational disease. For one, if the spread a whole industry concerns, on the other hand, individual cases can be dealt with by the accident insurer being checked.

for one classification as an occupational disease, it is not decisive how long the illness lasts and whether consequential damage are to be expected.

How is an occupational disease reported?

Noisy DGB is the employer for reporting to the accident insurance institution obligated. But also Doctorswho are confronted with a corresponding case must contact the accident insurer.

Regardless of these obligations, the worker or worker contact the insurer yourself.

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