"You will close it!": Aurore Bergé asks for sanctions after the words of MP Olivier Serva

The president of the deputies Renaissance will ask for sanctions against Olivier Serva but also against the deputy LFI Sophia Chikirou. “We cannot let insults and intimidation against elected officials pass,” explains the group to the National Assembly.

No question of letting go. After a very stormy session this Thursday evening in the hemicycle, Aurore Bergé goes to the front to defend her deputies and will ask for sanctions, according to information from the Figaro confirmed by BFMTV.com. Several altercations took place in full examination of the proposed law of La France insoumise on the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers.

“You are going to close it”, launched the deputy Olivier Serva (LIOT), to an elected representative of Renaissance, under the boos of the presidential majority, before the president of the session Naïma Moutchou interrupts the debates.

From recall to temporary exclusion

The deputy from Guadeloupe lost his calm after being interrupted several times while defending the return of hospital staff who did not comply with the vaccination obligation. Olivier Serva had left the Macronist group during the previous term of office over this disagreement and had made it a campaign argument during the legislative elections.

The patroness of Renaissance deputies will demand sanctions at the Conference of Presidents next Tuesday. They can range from a simple reminder to temporary exclusion, with deduction from compensation.

“We cannot let insults and intimidation against deputies pass,” assures us a collaborator of the group.

The case of Sophia Chikirou mentioned

Aurore Bergé will also discuss the case of Sophia Chikirou (La France insoumise) who allegedly tried to physically intimidate parliamentarian Denis Masseglia during the session.

“In a tense moment, she got up from her bench, came towards me like a fury, leaned over and said ‘Come outside’, pointing her finger forward in my face”, explained this macronist last night with the Figaro.

This very close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon ensures for her part that Denis Massiglia told her “shut your mouth” and that she did “neither threaten nor invite ‘to go out'” on his Twitter accountbefore deleting this message and reposting it.

The tackle of deputy Grégoire de Fournas

“We can’t give the French a show like yesterday. It can’t start again,” Aurore Bergé’s entourage still assures BFMTV.

The deputy Grégoire de Fournas, who received the most severe sanction provided for in the regulations of the Palais-Bourbon at the beginning of November, after having made remarks deemed racist, did not deprive himself of a small spade.

“The most incredible thing is that Mr. Serva voted for my exclusion from the office of the National Assembly for having ’caused the uproar'”, regretted the elected official on Twitter.

Thomas Soulie and Marie-Pierre Bourgeois

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