You will no longer be able to log in to your Nintendo Account with Facebook or Twitter

For years it has been possible to log into your Nintendo Account by linking accounts from other portals, but this week the company announced that as of October 25 it will no longer be possible to log in through our Facebook or Twitter accounts. This was confirmed this Tuesday through the official Nintendo account.

Through a post on the official Twitter account, Nintendo announced that we will only be able to log into our Nintendo Accounts using Facebook or Twitter accounts for just over a month, as the last day will be October 24, 2022. on October 25 it will be impossible to log in this way.

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Nintendo gave more details about this change on its official page, where it said that this applies to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch OLED players, Nintendo Accounts and Nintendo Switch family accounts, so if you use your Facebook or Twitter account on any of these platforms will no longer be possible to do so.

Nintendo clarified that players will be able to log in by creating a new Nintendo account or through their Google or Apple accounts. However, it will no longer be possible to participate in My Nintendo missions that require you to link your account to Facebook or Twitter in order to earn My Nintendo Points.

Nintendo clarifies that if you’ve already logged in to your device via Facebook or Twitter it will still be possible to log into your account after the change without having to log in again, but if the login screen appears you’ll have to create a new account or use one from Apple/Google.

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