Youna’s friend denounces Samahara Lobatón for threatening her with death and shows strong chats: “I kill you daughter of p…”

Samahara Lobaton is once again in the eye of the storm due to a complaint filed by a young friend of yuna, the father of her daughter. According to Jorka OtoyaMelissa Klug’s daughter threatened her with death for her relationship with the barber.

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Amor y Fuego showed some chats that both young women had, in which Samahara accuses her of inventing that she has something with her partner. “You like panudearte with Youna, invent that you have something with him, disgusting”he tells her as he asks her to answer the phone.

Jorka replied to Samahara Lobaton and assured that he has nothing with the barber. “I don’t like your husband, little daughter, mature”, he replied. “Mature? Mature you who tell everyone that you have something with him. you will meet me”warns the influencer.

According to the police document to which the Rodrigo González program had access, Jorka Otoya denounced Samahara Lobaton a few hours ago bullying. She says that she received calls from Melissa Klug’s daughter and text messages from her threatening her and telling her that if she did not answer, she would go to her home to kill her, because she presumes that she has a romantic relationship with him. husband of the complainant. “I kill you daughter of a p… because I kill you”, reads one of Samahara’s messages.

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Love and Fire communicated with Samahara Lobaton and the influencer assured that she did not know what complaint it was. “I don’t even know who (the complainant) is, I swear that now everyone knows me and they even make up conversations, right now I’m with my sick baby”he defended himself.

He also assured that the chats are edited and that he only uses that number to work. “If he has denounced me as you say, we will go to the end and I will return the defamation complaint because the conversation is edited,” narrowed down


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