Young deaf mute disappears from hospital in Charlotte when she went to give birth

Gaul Baird | [email protected]

Charlotte, NC.- Since last September 21, Beatriz López (26 years old) has been missing after she was isolated to give birth at the Atrium Health hospital, downtown Charlotte.

Through a publication on Facebook, it was learned that the day before indicated, her sister Jessy López took her to the hospital at 7 am to leave her hospitalized because she was about to give birth. At 7 pm she had to leave her brother Ella Nelson in her care until 11 pm, while she returned home to take care of her 5-month-old baby.

Photo credit: Isabel Arias Gómez | Facebook


Beatriz, originally from El Salvador, who is deaf and mute and communicates through signs, is in charge of her brothers Jessy and Nelson López.

According to the Facebook post, Nelson was taken out of the room without explanation by two security people, because they told him that “Beatriz did not want to see him.”

Upon learning what happened, Jessy goes to the hospital and asks to speak to her sister’s room on the 8th floor of the hospital, where she was hospitalized. “When they give her the phone, a person answers in Spanish and tells her that she (Beatriz) has never been registered.”

Jessy asks for an explanation of what happened because she herself was in charge of registering her sister to give birth.


“It can’t be that two people (Beatriz and her daughter) disappear from the hospital,” Isabel Arias Gómez, Jessy’s friend, asks on her Facebook account.

Family and friends are calling on the Salvadoran Consulate in Charlotte to take action on the matter and request an explanation for the disappearance of the young woman and her daughter from the hospital.

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