Young people were treated abusively – short-term home lex-Sarah is reported

It was an employee at the short-term home who sounded the alarm that the children and young people who lived in the short-term housing did not receive the care and treatment they should. Among other things, the staff must have threatened the children, exposed them to scornful comments and high reprimands. There have also been some shortcomings in communication with guardians.

The municipality that investigated the incidents has made a Lex Sarah report to IVO.

– The climate is described as educational and the staff has a jargon, where they decide and put the children and young people in place. The company has not used methods that meet the needs of children and young people with disabilities, says Gabriella Mathur who is a business developer at the health and care administration and responsible for the administration’s investigation of the events, to the municipality’s website.

The children showed fear and anxiety

The shortcomings may have lasted a long time, but were noticed during the late summer and into the autumn. The staff has been shut down and new staff are now working with the young people.

– What consequences the shortcomings have had for the children is difficult to say. These are children and young people who themselves have difficulty describing how they experience the situation. Staff say, however, that children have felt anxious and scared after being reprimanded, says Gabriella Mathur and continues:

– It is important to point out that the investigation does not show that the children have been subjected to physical abuse.

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